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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 20, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for joining me. you're watching cnn. breaking news on a story that has so much of the nation on edge right now with what this ferguson grand jury will decide. we still don't know. we know that the panel is deciding if officer darren wilson should be dited for shooting and killing that unarmed teenager michael brown a couple of months ago. multiple agencies across the country have been put on alert ahead of this weekend. let's get straight to our justice correspondent evan perez who is live in ferguson and on phone with me is a crisis response agent for fbi. we'll get his perspective. evan, to you first. just start w-tell me what you know. >> reporter: the concern goes beyond here, beyond the streets here in ferguson, missouri, where we know there will be
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protests this weekend in anticipation of a grand jury decision on whether to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting of michael brown. there are protests planned around the country in cities around the country and so law enforcement, federal and state law enforcement is getting ready for that because we know some of those protests will be in front of federal buildings, will be targeting the police, protesting police behavior around the country and so, you know, there's an abundance of caution here that, you know, some of those protests can get out of control and, therefore, officers want to be ready just in case. >> evan stay with me. carl, let me bring you in with your knowledge of law enforcement. i'm wondering if we stay specific to ferguson and surrounding st. louis county area. do you think these local jurisdictions are getting help ahead of potential protests, perhaps this weekend, help from other officers in other jurisdictions? >> yes. i think they are trying to get a
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handle on the situation here. based on what has happened in the past there. this is all part of their continued plan and preparedness for anything that could happen. >> evan just back to you quickly. the obvious question that many people want the answer to is when will the indictment or not indictment come down. we don't have that answer. how much of a heads up, if any, will people have? >> reporter: well, brooke, we know the grand jury will be coming back tomorrow and the deliberation they expect according to the officials here, they expect will be pretty quick. this grand jury has been living with this case for a couple of months now. so they will give 48 hours notice to law enforcement. we're told officer, federal protective service and other agencies have been told to be ready just in case there needed to react to any of the demonstrations that are planned. >> carl, we know they are ready. we know there are people five of whom were arrested last night,
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protesting. they were actually, i think i mentioned all from out of town. there are those and we talked to those people who have this message want to protest peacefully no matter the decision from the grand jury and then as we saw back in august people who come from out of town to loot and cause trouble. >> yes. you will have that element with anything like this where there is protests. hopefully what law enforcement is doing ahead of this with the notification and getting things together, preparing for it will help reduce any rioting or violence once the verdict is released. >> all right, carl thank you for jumping on the phone for me and evan perez thank you for the reporting. meantime to breaking news as well in the buffalo, new york area where dozens of nursing home patients are being evacuated. this is what we're getting right now. they are being evacuated because
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the roof of this nursing home is starting to collapse simply because of the sheer weight of the snow. brian todd is there standing by. brian, tell me what the situation is. >> reporter: brooke, this is an active evacuation going on right now. our photojournalist will zoom in on the front door of the garden gate nursing home there where some 180 elderly people are being evacuated from the facility. they are concerned that the roof is about to collapse. you can see several feet of snow on the roof. what we were told by a fire chief earlier is some residents noticed some cracking in the walls, some bowing of the ceilings. they brought in inspectors. they became very concerned. they thought the building might be compromised and it appears it is. they are getting people out. not all of these residents are out of here yet. they brought a few ambulance full of them. a real concern here. no injuries yet, brooke but they have to try to get they people out. we'll take you in there again. you see these emergency
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responders at the front of the building and here comes another ambulance about to turn in and probably try to get some people out. anyway, this is the situation here. this is repeated throughout the buffalo area with roofs collapsing all over the place or in danger of collapsing. it's a real concern and first responders just can't get to all of them fast enough. >> let me stay on that point. i was talking to the fire commissioner there in buffalo and talking about acts of heroism and morale and strength. you have record breaking snow and the street is cleared. some of these emergency personnel i've seen pictures of them carrying patients on stretchers through the snow to the hospital. how is everyone holding up? >> these guys are incredible. they are bringing in snow mobiles, stretchers to get to people at their homes. we were at a home earlier today where it took firefighters about 30 minutes just to dig through
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about seven feet of snow just to get to the front door of an elderly woman who needed to get out. then they got a stretcher in there and carried her over this embankment to get her to a car, inevitable what they are doing to pull these people out. they are using snowplow, snow mobiles, stretchers any means necessary and they are doing it all over the place. we saw that happen in this town, cheektowaga several times just today. luckily they have passage way in here to get these vehicles in. we saw elderly people being brought out in fire vehicles and other things. it's incredible the heroism. >> i would like to get a closer glimpse of the nursing home. there we go. as we do so -- here we go. i know it's tough to see with traffic and these guys. do we know where the elderly will be taken? >> we're told, brooke, they are being taken to a restaurant in a shopping center not far from
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here for now and then they are going to find some other facilities. they just want to get them into a warm, stable building and then find other facilities where they can take them. it's a little unclear at the moment. >> brian todd, thank you so much in new york with all of that snow and, again, just the incredible strength from these first responders to get through and get people to safety. thanks so much. we're mere hours away from president obama's announcement of his go it alone executive action on immigration. listen. this is a controversial move. it is a move that could shield more than 3 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. the speech set for tonight at 8:00 eastern time, it is already infuriating the republican party. some members of congress calling the president an elm perr emper strong arming tissue. first perspective check here. you might have heard the number of undocumented immigrants coming to the united states is
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rising. that's wrong. okay. according to pew, you can see that number has actually levelled off. you see the graph. where do these undocumented immigrants settle? well if you look at the pie chart the answer, you see the red piece there, california with 25%, followed by orange texas, and then florida and then new york. but the soon to be, the soon to be expected majority leader in the senate says this isn't about the people, this is about politics. >> it seems to be about what a political party thinks would make for good politics. it seems to be about what a president think wos be good for his legacy. those are not the motivations that should be driving such sweeping action. >> now president obama says hold on, for years he's been saying he did not want to act on immigration without congress. here he was. >> the biggest problems that
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we're facing right now have to do with george bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through congress at all. and that's what i intend to reverse when i'm president of the united states of america. congress passes the law. the executive branch's job is to enforce and implement those laws. i take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue and congress chooses to do nothing. >> we will discuss this throughout the show. got a number of guests lined up for you. watch cnn's live coverage of the president's address tonight 8:00 eastern and we'll watch it here live on cnn. don't miss that. next as we follow that breaking news as we showed you there in buffalo, new york, part of the roof as brian todd is covering collapsed. they had to evacuate a number of these elderly folks from this home into safe areas because
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they can't stay there. our cameras are all over the buffalo the surrounding area. people in buffalo are until trapped in their homes as round two of this cystic storm is slamming the region. we'll talk to a buffalo bills football player, and new video has surfaced showing bill crosby responding to rape allegations. it's awkward and it comes as his entire legacy is threatened. stay with me. [car revving] [car revving] ♪ ♪ [car revving] introducing the first ever 306 horsepower lexus rc coupe. once driven, there's no going back. i hait's tough, but severi've managed.ease.
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. you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. round two of this monster snowstorm, deadly monster snowstorm now slamming buffalo, new york, lake-effect conditions could drop two to three more
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feet on top of the nearly seven feet that's already sitting there. eight lives have been lost. some people are trapped inside of their homes, they are finding ways to capture the jaw dropping outdoor sense. this is video from a drone, would you believe, drone video from a homeowner who says his neighborhood is totally and completely caked in snow. the buffalo bills also documents how the storm is affecting them. the team is tweeting images of what's happening at ralph wilson stadium if you can make it out. estimated 220,000 tons of snow has taken over field. the bills by the way, got a game sunday. obviously by the looks of what we're all seeing it could be in jeopardy. they have volunteers who have been drafted for 10 bucks an hour to shovel the snow. will they make it? that's the big question. some of the players are posting pictures of themselves in the snow. apparently shirtless is the theme, you know. so that's what they are doing,
11:15 am
enjoying it. go for it gentlemen. bills linebacker and the wide receiver. again shirtless. fellows join me on the phone. i don't object to these photos. if you want to frolick in the snow shirtless i won't disagree with that. let me ask you, why did you do it? >> it all started off as a bet between me and my brother. golly, a lot of snow. i was like ricky i dare you to go out in the snow basically with no clothes on and pose for a picture. he said i don't know i got to keep my socks on. so i just decided to go. >> grown men daring each other. i love it. is this your backyard? is this what your neighborhood looks like >> yeah. my neighborhood is covered in snow. yeah, that's the back of my yard. >> your stuck where you are?
11:16 am
>> yeah. i'm stuck. i've been stuck for two and a half days and this will make three. so just trying to figure out what we can do to stay warm. >> so here we are day three, you're stuck. personally. then may be stuck as far as your job goes. you guys have a game, you know, there in buffalo. showed a picture of the stadium sunday. what is the team -- is anyone talking to you guys about back up options if you can't play there sunday? >> we haven't discussed that. all we're worried about our game plan and what we need to do to prepare to get a win. we've been doing the best we can dealing with the circumstances that we're in, so we really just trying to focus on our playbooks and, you know, kind of rest up and get mentally prepared for the game. >> you're thinking x's and o's. has snib floated specific cities to you? >> not at all. to my knowledge i'm looking at
11:17 am
my plays and plu the pl s and t playbook. >> okay. i know this is buffalo, you all are accustomed to lots and lots of snow but have you ever played in conditions like this before, if you get to play there in the town? >> excuse me. you cut-out a little bit. >> sorry. have you ever played in conditions quite like this? >> no. we've gone to practice in similar conditions but nothing as drastic as this. this is a lot to deal with. >> okay. i think we might have just lost him. marquise goodwin stuck, day three with so many of his neighbors. good luck wherever that game may be played. this new video surfaces showing bill crosby reacting to these
11:18 am
rape allegations against him. i'll talk live with the woman who says she knows the reason why america was so desperate, her words, so desperate to ignore the accusations. the onus on us, folks. and more on our breaking news out of ferguson with the grand jury decision imminent. one company is giving out cameras for people to monitor police behavior during protests. hear how cop watch will work. dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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. as bill cosby's latest career come back falls apart his sitcom development deal
11:22 am
cancelled by nbc, cosby reruns dropped by tv land, his comedy special postponed by netflix, little episode that cosby doesn't want to you see. this is from november 6th and an interview with the associated press. the reporter asks bill cosby about these accusations he raped women. cosby's response, i don't talk about that. the interview ends. cosby isn't finished. with the camera still rolling he presses the reporter to scuttle that part of the interview. >> now, can i get something from you >> what's that? >> that none of that will be shown. >> i can't promise that myself, but you didn't say anything -- >> i know i didn't say anything, but i'm asking your integrity that since i didn't want to say anything but i did answer you in terms of i don't want to say anything of what value would it
11:23 am
have. >> something bill cosby didn't want to you see. there's something about bill cosby that we the collective we don't want to see. amanda joins me here in new york. good to see you. the headline of your piece "why we were so desperate to ignore the bill cosby rape allegations." here's the question you pose in your piece, that's why did this take so long to become news. >> the answer is how beloved a character bill cosby was in all of our lives we really didn't want to believe it. the cosby show, his comedy, to many people in this country he felt like a family member. and to believe these allegations, or really even to pay attention to them meant losing that, letting that figure, that comedy that he created be tainted by the allegations. >> you mentioned sort of we would have had to sacrifice that and a lot of us weren't willing to do so and there was another piece in the atlantic, spring
11:24 am
boarding off of that idea. he writes it's hard to accept people we love in one arena can commit great evil in another. it's hard to believe bill cosby is a serial rape because the belief doesn't indict cosby it indicts us. we put pop commercials in popular tv shows, do you agree? >> i do. you know, i think that we have this fear of losing people who are important to us, whether it's bill cosby or, you know, whether these allegations could be made against people we care about and i think it makes us do bad things. i think it makes us ignore bad things that have happened and i think it makes us ignore danger that people are in. >> he's really said nothing, he bill cosby, his lawyers saying these are decades-old allegations. the dickens story said it was a complete lie. that said again no charges have been filed. i have to say that until i'm blue feigns. at the same time you have the chris brown, the woody allen's,
11:25 am
the mike tie syson, people cont to be big fans of theirs. if these allegations are true, america loves a good redemption story could they forgive and forget bill cosby. >> before you consider redemption there is to be a reason to offer it. until now bill cosby has been ignoring allegations. you just showed the video he even refused to respond to them. you know, these women have come forward at great personal risk to make these allegations. i think that can't be a pleasant thing for anyone to go through. and so i think before we can even consider talking about redemption there would have to be a reason, bill cosby would have to give us a reason. >> obviously we're talking about this because of bill cosby but you make the point in your piece it's also institutions, we're guilty of not wanting to believe that somebody could do wrong, our good friends, not just hollywood stars, not just father types of america on the cosby
11:26 am
show. >> it's true. i think that the truth is we would like to believe that only kind of monstrous strangers could do something like this but not something that could touch people we care about and i think that's not true. i think that allegations like this are a reminder of the fact that it's not true and that's one of the reasons why we're so eager to ignore them and why we did ignore them for so long. >> thank you so much. i appreciate you coming in and talking about this. more on our breaking news story with that grand jury verdict imminent and feds on alert. one group is offering cameras to protesters in ferguson. the group is called cop watch. they want people to be able to film police. we'll talk live with the group next. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes?
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bottom of the hour, you are watching cnn, back to our breaking news. police agencies across nation have been put on alert because the grand jury in ferguson, missouri may be close to a decision on whether to indict a ferguson police officer, darren wilson for shooting and killing unarmed teenager michael brown. the plan is to give law enforcement a 48 hours heads up before making that decision public. while police are going to be ready, so are the protesters. demonstrations continue to hit the streets. wednesday five protesters were arrested and they were from out
11:31 am
of town, not from ferguson. you see the cameras were rolling wednesday night and when the grand jury decision comes down there will likely be many, many more cameras. that's because there's a watchdog group. they have raised about $7700 to equip protesters with these small recording devices. let's talk about that with the co-founder of the group, cop watch, jacob crawford. jacob, thanks for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> it's obvious why you want to arm people who are there with ways to record what's happening but why actually take the steps and hand them these cameras? why go this far? >> well, i think that, you know, for anybody that knows about cop watch, cop watch is a group and it's an idea that we have the right to watch the police. so cop watch is where people go out and nonviolently document the police while they interact with members of the public. in this case with ferguson, you know, the outrage is there and clearly people are tired of the
11:32 am
way police have been dealing with citizens. and so the cameras, you know, we couple that with knowledge. initially we handed out cameras to members of the community where mike brown was murdered and quickly from there it became a need and so in september we trained 100 members of the canfield neighborhood and gave them body cameras and cop watch shirts and i got to say, the cameras are extremely useful but the knowledge is even more. >> i'm curious, how many cameras have you given out at this point? >> well, we started just, you know, crowd funding and we got 200 donors and at this point we've given out 210 body cameras and a lot of hand-held cameras. now that this is happening and it's effective we're getting larger donors. we received $20,000 and have 1,000 camera initiative in which we're training people in the next year in st. louis in handing out cameras >> you're just not handing out
11:33 am
cameras there's training involved, right w-the people you're giving these cameras to. tell me what that training involves. >> okay. absolutely. we've been doing it for decades. it deals with your rights when you're stopped by the police. it deals with how to be an effective cop watcher. that comes down to how, to you know, effectively document a stop and also how to de-escalate a situation from being bad. a lot much times we find while the cameras are important just our presence is. that's a big part of our training is getting people out in the streets and knowing they have the right and the responsibility to keep their community safe. >> i was wondering what you found ultimately to be more powerful actually the cameras themselves and whatever material you're getting or just the power of presence and documentation? and accountability. >> i think they are both. i think the idea that there are people out there that are concerned about what the police are doing is very, very big.
11:34 am
i think the ability to document it and to bring it back to the masses is also very important. so i couldn't choose one or the other. >> you know, to your point on documents it's also, and i talked to a lot of police departments around the country especially in the wake of ferguson, they are trying to provide their police officers with those body cameras and it's interesting i read that obviously you believe in protesters with cameras but you don't have the same confidence level in police officers wearing these body cameras. tell me why. >> well, in oakland, california we've had these cameras for years. they handed these cameras out in 2010 and '11. if we had access to them, i would say that maybe they would be useful but these things are pointed at people, they are not pointed at the police officers, they are not -- >> why would we need access, wouldn't it be for police officers and if there's some wrongdoing among an officer it should be up to colleagues to punish that person? why would we need the video >> because they are public servants operating in public
11:35 am
space and dealing with the public. if that's the case then we as the public have the responsibility to hold them accountable for their actions and so these cameras -- i mean, yeah. they are for the police that's fine they didn't sell them for. they sold them for accountability and transparency. if that's the case we should have access to them. >> thank you for your answer. jacob crawford with cop watch. thank you for joining me this afternoon, i appreciate it. coming up next as president obama prepares to address the nation tonight announcing he'll be going it alone on immigration republicans are furious, frustrated. you have senator tom coburn even saying executive action could lead to quote anarchy and violence. we'll discuss that and whether the president's action is, in fact, constitutional in the first place. stay with me.
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an outgoing senate republican has dropped a chilling prediction about reaction president obama's immigration directives which we'll hear tonight. i want you to listen to oklahoma's republican senator tom coburn. >> the country is going to go nuts. because they are going see it as a move outside of the authority of the president. hopefully not, but you can see
11:40 am
instances of anarchy. >> what do you mean? >> you could see violence. you know, instead of the rule of law handling in our country today now we're starting to have the rule of rulers and that's a total antithesis of what this country was founded on. >> anarchy says tom coburn, lawlessness, violence. senator coburn says he sure hopes it doesn't happen but says could it. joining me now, our cnn senior legal analyst. so, jeff, let's begin with, put on your foundi ining fathers ca with me. in this case immigration, the country face as specific need and congress isn't acting what we have here, we had for 500 plus days, you know, what is the procedure? >> well, the president is authorized to operate in certain areas. in certain areas congress has
11:41 am
preempted that for itself and, for example, determining who gets to be a citizen. that's clearly within congress's power and what the president is going to announce today has nothing to do with a path to citizenship. however, the issue of deportations, who gets deported is within the president's power and the president is going to establish certain priorities. he's going to say we're going to deport criminals, we're going to deport people who have, you know, who are caught at the border. but if you have children who are american citizens, children born here, we're not going deport you because that is not our priority at the moment. we can argue about whether that's a good thing, a good policy or a bad policy, but it does seem to me pretty clearly within the president's power to make that decision. >> okay. i got another question for you because i'm wondering about executive action but if the court strikes it down, hold tight. we have anna joining me.
11:42 am
she joins me from washington. she's a republican strategist and cnn political commentator. we just played sound from senator coburn. this is a sound bite that's being replayed today because of what he's saying anarchy, violence in the wake of what the president may propose this evening. i'm curious for you, do you share that same concern? and if not, do you think senator coburn should be more circumspect in what he's saying? >> frankly i think we all have to be more circumspect. we have to be calmer. we have to look at what is in the order. nobody has seen it yet. everybody is already arguing about its legality or lack thereof, whether it's constitutional or not. threatening lawsuits without having seen one word that is in this thing. so let's wait and see the details. i don't think there's going be anarchy. think we have to -- look there's a lot of tempers flaring right now. no legislative body likes to see what they see as their
11:43 am
jurisdiction authority your surpri -- usurped by the executive. but they want to beat obama at this game, if they want to get out of this game, they have to pass legislation. >> jeff, if we hear from the president the executive action goes through and that's a decision he makes, if and when let's say ten, 15, 18 months down the road a court does strike this down and the cat is out of the bag and you have these families, you know, already here, what happens to them? >> well, i think that would be very hard to know because frankly i don't think a court will strike this down because this does seem to be well within the president's prerogative. keep in mind one big difference between an executive order and a law is that a new president could simply undo it. so you don't have to have a court to overturn this decision,
11:44 am
whatever it turns out to be. there's going to be a new president in 2017 and the new president particularly if he or she is a republican could simply invalidate what president obama did and i think there there would be no legal barrier to a new president doing that. >> okay. and anna you talk about how we need be more circumspect. if you have republicans believing that the president is acting with lawlessness, you know, several have said including house speaker john boehner, then will they move to impeach him? >> i don't think so, brooke. i don't think anybody -- i don't think any responsible republican in a leadership role is talking impeachment or talking shutdown. >> why do they keep bringing up the word impeachment. >> no we keep bringing up the word impeachment. there might be three, four, five republicans in congress that say inflammatory things and repeat that word and we keep repeating
11:45 am
it. i haven't heard john boehner say impeachment or mitch mcconnell say impeachment. we hear it in the washington press but nobody in congress, there's not a critical mass in congress thats to impeach president obama or, you know, or thinks there's anarchy. yes they are mad because they think this is something that is their jurisdiction. and that he is stepping on their toes. so what they got to do is put on their big boy and big girl pants and instead of saying i'm going to take my toys and go home they got to pass legislation and address the problem. i'll tell you why. because with or without this executive action, we still have what most of us in this country, democrat and republican agree is a broken immigration system. there's a whole host of things that this executive action does not address. this is a band aid that gives temporary protection from deportation and work permits to a certain class of people. not everybody, but there's many more aspects about the
11:46 am
immigration system that need to be modernized and brought into the real world. so we still have a broken system and i think our congress and our president owe to it this nation to work on addressing that long standing problem. >> the big girl pants, everyone needs to pull them up. anna navarro, thank you and jeffrey, thank you. i appreciate both of you for coming on. that address 8:00 tonight from the white house. we'll take it live. definitely tune in. next a marine who fought in iraq and afghanistan earning the purple heart locks himself inside of his apartment and turns a gun on himself. but it's what happened before that day that has his mother and father visiting the white house this afternoon asking for one thing, they join me next. please don't miss this story. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses...
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clay hunt was a marine. he was a sniper. received the purple heart. just 28 years old when he took his own life, wary from his long battle with invisible wounds of war. hunt ended his life while struggling with post-traumatic stress. he locked himself inside his apartment and turned the gun on himself. hunt was as we mentioned this decorated veteran, got the purple heart for his time in iraq, fought the taliban in afghanistan and his heartbroken parents vowed their son's suicide would not be forgotten. so this week his mother provided
11:51 am
emotional testimony on capitol hill and the mother and father met with top advisors. clay's parents told me their story. >> they had been in iraq for three weeks, i believe, when his bunk mate was killed in an ied explosion and that was his first, you know, his first experience of losing someone very close. i think a couple of weeks later another one in his platoon was shot right in front of him. and then two days after that clay was shot through the wrist by a sniper. aiming for his head. and that injury ended up bringing him back home. he was beginning to have trouble with panic attacks. difficulty sleeping. >> we were focused on recovery of his physical wound and at that point we understood that he was having anxiety, but even at
11:52 am
the point in time when pts was first mentioned, we had no idea what that meant. we did not know -- we just weren't educated. >> clay used to say i'm a guinea pig for drugs. they put me on one thing, i'll of a side effects and then put me on something else. on march 15th clay was able to see a psychiatrist. but after the appointment clay called me and said mom i can't go fwlak. the va is way too stressful and not a place i can go. i have to find a vet center or something. just two weeks after his appointment with the psychiatrist at the houston va medical center clay took his own life. >> i'm hearing all the different frustrations piling on. it's like the medical issues piling on. we've done entire investigations on the va here at cnn. he was trying to move along right with his own personal life and you have a beautiful set of parents trying to cope with how can we help, what can we do? he takes his own life and you
11:53 am
join me from washington because to bring this entirely full circle you want to help other families and i want to you tell me about the clay hunt suicide prevention bill that you so badly want this congress to pass. >> our hearts are with all the veterans out there, active duty service men and women and all the veterans. we can't bring clay back. but what we can do, hopefully, is use that experience that he had and what we've been able to learn about it to try to, to get the mental health care piece that they need if they need that from the va to have that be something that they can access, state-of-the-art care. just as the va can give them state-of-the-art care for their physical injuries, we hope very much that they can get
11:54 am
state-of-the-art care for their mental injuries as well. >> clay like thousands and how to sands of other men and women voluntarily signed up for the marines. he risked his life. he was given the best training he possibly could receive. he went on two tours, one in iraq, one in afghanistan. he came back. he was told that the va, the u.s. government would take care of him. and he believed that. you can't see this type of trauma that happens emotionally to him because of pts and because of traumatic brain injury and other experiences. you don't see that. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose.
11:55 am
oh, what a relief it is.
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you know this, college tuition is skyrocketing while u.s. student loan debt has topped $1 trillion. students in california are furious over this possible tuition hike that may rise costs 28% over the next few years. police in riot gear, look at this, holding off protesting students in san francisco. students tried to take over a school building over all this. in berkeley, california one student was arrested for trying to incite a riot. dozen of students are vowing to hold sit ins until their voices are heard. tonight cnn film is called "ivory tower" and it asks is college worth the cost? >> do i think college is worth it?
11:59 am
yes. for me it really kind of helped me get my foot in the door with employers. so the job that i have, you know, following graduation that i secured was because recruiters were on campus. >> now i don't see it. a lot of my classmates have taken huge loans to come and study here with the hope of finding better employment opportunities, you know. they are gambling. >> it's definitely worth it if you have the money. my partner is just finished school, he has $36,000 in debt and no one will hire him and he's worried about just paying his rent. >> i'm finding what i'm learning really interesting, but i'm taking out a lot of loans. i have a job on campus. getting a lot of financial aid. but still not enough. something i'm going to be paying back for a long time. >> it's the responsible thing to
12:00 pm
do. i think people are definitely picking majors for the practicality in the real world. i've fallen victim to that. i worry about my major every day. >> if you're a liberal arts major probably not worth it. in another 20 years you won't see many more english majors. that just won't be a thing. >> make sure your join us in watching the cnn film special presentation "ivory tower" tonight 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. and we continue along the top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we begin with breaking news. over what this ferguson grand jury will do, how will they decide. they are deciding now if officer darren wilson should be indicted for shooting and killing that teenager michael brown. now multiple agencies


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